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Sunday, March 28, 2021

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We invite you to create your free Membership at Delbara Community. Join Delbara for free today! Granted, the Persian tradition is different. But every tradition also have change and move with time. A Million Persians live outside Iran and have little or no access to an appropriate environment in which they can look out for suitable partners. Delbara principle: Love is more than a coincidence!
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Cousin marriage in the Middle East

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Talmud & Middle Persian Culture

The Persian Empire is the name given to a series of dynasties centered in modern-day Iran that spanned several centuries—from the sixth century B. This Iron Age dynasty, sometimes called the Achaemenid Empire, was a global hub of culture, religion, science, art and technology for more than years before it fell to the invading armies of Alexander the Great. The Persian Empire started as a collection of semi-nomadic tribes who raised sheep, goats and cattle on the Iranian plateau. Cyrus the Great—the leader of one such tribe—began to defeat nearby kingdoms, including Media, Lydia and Babylon , joining them under one rule.
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No Sex In The Persian City

Persian Culture. The major language in Iran , former Persia , is Farsi. It is a branch of the Indo-Iranian languages which is a group of the Indo- European languages.
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The dating and relationship of males and females in Iran is a new concept because the religious and cultural background. Dating as of relationship between male and female in public started at the end of 19th century. Sepandarmazgan or Espandegan is an Old Persian and Zoroastrian that was celebrated as the day of Love! In dictionaries dating is defined as to be romantically and socially involved with someone.
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