Negatives of gay adoption

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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That's about fifteen percent of the total number of kids in the foster care system. For ages people have been against homosexual adoption because they think only heterosexuals should be able to adopt children. Fortunately, as of June , homosexual adoption is legal in all fifty states. Just imagine if the thousands of kids did not have a home just because homosexuals were not allowed to adopt.

The Pros and Cons of an Open Adoption

Facing the effects of same-sex parenting

On March 31, , a Federal District Court struck down Mississippi 's ban on same-sex couples from adoption. Previously several other states had similar bans however Mississippi's was the last to be overruled. Prior to these rulings, adoption laws varied widely by state. Some states granted full adoption rights to same-sex couples, while others banned it entirely or only allowed the partner in a same-sex relationship to adopt the biological child of the other partner.

Gay Adoption Pros And Cons

In his dissenting opinion in the sodomy case of Lawrence v. The first response to the Supreme Court ruling should not be to take on gay marriage, but gay adoption. Surely we should not dismiss concerns over redefining marriage. The push for equality in marriage rights will probably lead to a push for equality of child-rearing rights.
An open adoption is an adoptive family and birth family keeping in contact for the benefit of a child. Contact in an open adoption can mean different things to different families as contact can range from letters and emails to phone calls or regular visitation. It all rests on the adults to create a plan that fits everyone's needs and expectations. An open adoption can be arranged in domestic adoptions including foster care adoption. There have even been cases of open adoptions in international adoptions.
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